Le Mont Ventoux
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Le Mont Ventoux

onlovestar.com CD's 

'Le Mont Ventoux' like other singles is available as a very rare individually painted and designed collectors CD, each one different and unique.
The price will be 25 EURO (nearly the same in USD$ in July 2002) plus shipping.

The download of the files is free, you are allowed to burn your CD for private use. 
You can purchase a label from onlovestar.com to stick on it and so make it 'officially signed'.
It will not look entirely as sophisticated as the artwork CD's but still with a special design and an individual note.
The price would be 3 EURO plus shipping, a sum that is so small that which makes it a waste of money for fees in oversea transactions so that onlovestar.com as well offers a substriction package of 10 labels for 25 EURO plus shipping which you can apply for other singles as well.
You can have an additional CD with the 'normal' CD audio file by onlovestar.com (the version then will some be better than the mp3 file), this will cost additional 5 EURO.

Please consider that with ordering an offer you will support onlovestar.com. As you know it is a problem to charge for downloads, even asking for micropayments often is dvery difficult for technical reasons. 

Subscription is also offered for the artwork CD's: 10 for 200 EURO, you will be asked whether you want to receive the regular new releases (5-12 a year) or some additional singles of the past.
Individualisation is one of the strengths of such a small independent program. 

There is also a special license possible if you want to copy the single(s) and distribute. Then you will receive a CD to copy and labels to stick on the copies. The additional material is practically free up to a certain amount, because onlovestar.com management (ifuz.net) wants to encourage you here

For any options and to find out about shipping costs and possible delivery and paying procedures, please make contact by e-mail.
Individual solutions are very well possible.

Example. Unfortunately a scan or a foto cannot really transport the feeling for the surface and real atmosphere of the painting.
Anyway click on the image to see a larger version.


Le Mont Ventoux

onlovestar.com shirts 

Like the 'Le Mont Ventoux' CD's, the 'Le Mont Ventoux' shirts are individually made and so differ from each other though they are related.
The sample on the right is a buttoned tight shirt, with a text transfer print and an application of dark grey color knobs or pimples or how you might call it, which could remind of tyre tread as of the stones on the mountain as well.
The new Günter Pröpper has remarked that it is conspicious that it looks like a track but the fourth row starts regularly but then does not fulfill its predestined exactly, zigzaging instead, only trying to comply with the expected, an obvious parallel to the audio monologue?
Is this overinterpretion or is that deconstructive that there might be other versions of the shirt not carrying this fourth track?

'Le Mont Ventoux' Shirts can be ordered and will be made on demand. So a price cannot exactly be told but might be around 50 EURO.
It can be included in a package with the subscription instead of 2 singles for example.

(In fact the subscription runs via ifuz.net and is thought as a certain number of points for which you can get a mixed combination of values).

please make contact by e-mail

Especially because of the individualisation options at this point it seems better to ask for your orders via email than a regular shop, although the usual delivery and payment methods are possible, even credit card and Pay Pal, depending on where you live.


Le Mont Ventoux

ifuz.net is organising and designing interactions.
As you see there are a lot of material already at onlovestar.com with relations to actual events.

You do not need to wait for something being released but you can ask ifuz.net as well to connect with the creative forces behind and design something for a particular event, creating a metaphor or something reflecting something.

This does not necessarily need to be a piece of audio. It can be something visual, too.
Or, going further, something even more abstract.

ifuz.net is 2 things: an abstract architecture with the purpose to find solutions which surprise, which have something unexpected, something innovative or triggering innovations.
On the right side you find some examples which try to explain, that the focus is on the 'innovative' character, not on the product quality. This creates an unstable quality of results, as there is a high risk in it.
But those results which are at the peaks are worth it.
Others then shall plug in and develop more professional products out of the ideas, if they like. There have been examples already.

Forget about transparency and control, to ebsure the surprise potential you will not be able to look into the factory!
Forget the old 'how much will it cost?'. You will ask a 'question', give a budget, and receive an 'answer'. This is the perfect setup.

Apart from that you will encounter ifuz.net also as a real body to coordinate matters connected with those enterprises. So you will find the name on your receit if you pay something by credit card at associated sites like onlovestar.com.


+ You want a shirt (or a trademark or something related) for your band or your ylub or your football team but your bored about the inflation of professionaly made and very nice looking shirts, you want something different that a few will love hard and the masses won't understand? 
There is a particular risk in it, so if you fear a failure, hands off. Otherwise: this is the right place to give it a try.

- You want a well designed shirt (even maybe have seen a good looking ifuz.de shirt before), quality, professionaly made, want linear return for your money input and not going to be laughed at by your brother?
mmh, better go to a graphic designer, aprinter etc.

+ You want to run a new web project but you are still looking for the right idea or an idea to give it some extraordinary spice. You already have an agency who will create the project but you think the potential will be higher if you ask ifuz.net for some suggestions. With those you will confront the agency and require them to make something out of it, too build it in, not as a replacement for their concept but as a plug in or to add a dimension. You have perfectly understood...


+ You are a producer and looking for a song for your band to give the album some extra spice. You already have an author who will create the song but you think the potential will be higher if you ask ifuz.net for some suggestions. With those you will confront the author and require them to make something out of it. It can be an idea, a topic, a melody, whatever, even a complete song. You can be never sure about the answer. 

- You are looking for a bunch of studio musicians creating the atmosphere and product you desire in your imagination, ifuz.net is the wrong address.
you may enjoy the other results anyway...

+ taking part: You want to join an experiment about new ways to create a piece of music, you can make contact, provided you are willing to let yourself drift into it and let go any expectations how a cooperations would look like.


Le Mont Ventoux

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