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Hollyween, USA, November 2000 - A Small Place Called Abortion...
(Charlton Heston Shoots His Son)

the yet provisorical version of
A little incomplete dictionary of used terms 
by the not involved 
The New Günter Pröpper


- a combination of the words Hollywood and Halloween


- where the preconfiguration metaphors for the American mind is produced.

 particular patterns which become on and on repeated like in the Western wave an then connected to reality and so politics (see the creation of the evil, Khaddafi, Saddam etc)


- some kind of US carnival and (see clue later) title of a John Carpenter film 


- a state which in opposite to the much believed surface is not grounded (only) on some declaration of human rights 1776 but (much more basically) on the violent robbing of land, killing its original inhabitants and then later the need of establishing a structure to secure and remultiplicate the robbed. But which foundation thus also includes its surface and so needs to conserve those values (referred to as 1776 values in simplification here) in the same time and only at some level and some times.

 And a country where this basic foundation of killing as problem solver is omnipresent, where the gun is more than in other country not only a symbol of death but also of (subjective) life (survival) and so sexuality as well.

 And so also a country which is the last hope and sometimes real help to people in the rest of the world facing an (subjective or objective) evil and stronger enemy because (1) it (USA) has to conserve the values of 1776 to maintain its inner structures and (2) often the materialistic and other interests fall together with conflicts in other countries. 

But depending on who has interests in what, it might as well turn into a cynical support of dictators, which, provided the right metaphor is offered, can be even become supported by the American public. 

The surface is always what is surface at the Bush/Gore cliffhanger: (fight for) democracy, the hidden is fight for power and 'money'. And sometimes it is just the fight for the (subjectively) fair oil price (the famous gas station interviews which were heating up the desire in the before desinterested USA for the Gulf war) .

 Another example of the surface/behind structure and that it is sometimes not to seperate is JFKennedy - known as a fighter for human rights etc. but also a man which was elected president supported by the Mafia, drug consuming, sexually more active than pretended, had the world on the verge of an atomic war and planned invasions and murder in other (communist or communist threatened) countries (especially the Cuba stories are well known nowadays). And: he won presidency in an almost similar close race like the one today. And a decision with left a doubt over manipulations which might have made the difference 40 years ago.

November 2000 

is the month of the US Presidential elections (and of Halloween)


- could serve as an equation in the title for the song as whole or its chorus line on several levels, what has to be specified later


 - in the Greek the appearance of a God, at the Romans the visit of the Emperor in remote provinces, often executing some (minor) acts of mercy, in Christian church first the appearance of the Lord on January sixth, which later in some of the various churches adaptions the appearance (or birthday) of Christ.

 - maybe the pronounciation suggests a little 'phony' into it?

 - here it seems to hint on an election campaign visit? or some sign revealing a confusing look behind the candidates mask? (see Michael Myers)

from a burning bush a voice would say...

 - in the bible a voice from a bush prognoses Moses his future/task, asked who speaks, answers 'I am that I am'

 - what a coincidence: the candidate Bush has such a similar name, it is rather the song connected to him than to both Gore and Bush: his name,Bush , is in it, he is connected to the weapon lobby with Charlton Heston and the oil lobby with Cheney, the abortion and death solution (death penalty) topics.


 - the Bush / Cheney connection to the war against Iraq and especially Cheneys big business as a private man later with the Arabian oil countries, the increasing world market price (at the right time?)

 - Election campaigns in the United States eat up horrendous sums and need the support of lobby groups which later then expect to profit from these 'investions'. 

- recording: the 'faked' delay underlines the phony effect of the God-pretending appearance

leave and vote 

- elections are a world many Americans and increasingly Europeans are leaving at all or have degenerated to a very superficial decision like on which type of chocolate to buy today forced to a decision by the supermarket shelves. 

- left in favor for the various and rapidly increasing distraction offers on TV and from elsewhere 

(example: in Germany 40 years ago there was only one TV channel, when it was showing politics or culture the only other choice was turning off and play cards, now there are hundreds of channels specialised on attracting attention by easy access entertainment, competiting with Internet, gameboy, video, downtown distractions, events, etc.)


-  November 2000 is the month of the US Presidential elections. (Interesting in the context of this song is also the much discussed implementation of making holes instead of making a cross with a pencil).

Michael Myers 

- the killer figure from the Horrormovie 'Halloween' which is a mother to many of the genre. the figure is famous for its design: a white mask and eyes which do not give way to any projections by the viewer who tries to interpret his actions, find reasons. At one point the film shows, there IS a face behind the mask, but the viewer who tries desperately to form a character from the figure is left without a chance to do so.

 When in the song some TV-moderator? asks the singing person 'who will turn out as Michael Myers from this Halloween show' it suggests a connection to the presidential candidates. Everybody knows their image is artificial, a mask, which to become president has to be white. Everybody tries to find clues on the real character but the campaign designers do everything to keep control of the result: the mask must win.

pay just to be

 - for example to be not homeless, to exist as a TV consumer (or component?), to have the right to be alone, the difference of to be and just to exist, etc.

Charlton Heston 

- most famous lobby man for the weapon industry in their fight against gun control laws and actor in movies at the same time, often as a hero (and/or killer) for the cause of American values

cleaning his gun (/ and later: coressing his gun)

 - looks comlicated: the religious level suggests a (not very concincing) clearing/cleansing of the gun from its 'sins' - one of the main gun lobbyists arguments is that man does the evil, not the gun itself. Here they face a related problem for the Catholic Church and its position towards various forms of sexuality.

 - which leads to the sexual insinuation in the song which seems confirmed by the word coressing. But this could suggest a worship of the gun on the verge to a God substitute on the religious level as well

 - was it an accident? what is an accident?

 - together with the title place 'abortion' even more an equation

 - both topics, guns, abortion (and maybe the oil connections) have been main differences between the candidates while they resemble in most other fields


 - USA is famous for their culture of 'evangelists' who preach their own interpretations of the bible and, a welcome side effect, make a lot of business with it. To Europeans it looks rather like either greedy or deranged sect leaders exploit and abuse some dummies.

a strangers accent 'war'

 - here are obviously interpretation attempts by 'voices from outside' of the words of the bush in the Epiphany before:

 - the USA according to the Hollywood prototypes need the stranger as the evil, who the good is waiting for to make a tactical mistake (reveal his true face) so that he is legitimized to finally kill (compare to the famous Reagan Amagedon mixup).

 second link is to the prospect upcoming quarrels on oil prospects in the former Asian Soviet Republics, which could include civil wars by supported groups clashing interests by American, Russian, Arab, and French oil groups. So for example the Iraq embargo serves not only to contain the mean dictator but also against the Iraq-Elf(French) deals in the aftermatch of the Gulf war and automatically in favour of the Arabian-American links.

a Texan voice 'it meant money'

 - hint on the Texan oil connections of Bush

'How much money do you make' 

- a widely accepted quality property in American society where for example income, in contrary to f.e. Germany is not treated confidential but used as a (society) success meter

the race is close, the dogs are loose

- hint on the Bush/Gore race, dead at the point of the song, fought by lawyers, all pressure shifted on Florida

the colonies are at stake

 hint on the lobby groups interests, f.e oil business, weapon business

the plot is nice

plot means conspiracy as well as a plot for a (screen)play and could be a hint on the 'Presidential election show' which has drawn more attention on politics as normally to expect. On the other hand it has offered a perfectly entertaining surface which even better distracts the observers views from the interests behind the candidates, making it something like a 'sports event' with the question whether 'overruling instant play refereeing' should be allowed or not.

 ('it is Halloween overtime' instead of I'm waiting for a damned film' in an alternative recording is another clue for this interpretation)

a black arab terrorist he shot for practice - (female voice laughs)

- film finally has establish the art to deliver and aestheticise the comical aspect of (here racist) killing

shoots someone

- in the end it is important that, does it matter whom?

 it might have been a long time missunderstanding that by being satisfied by the killing of the bad in the end of films the good in the viewer is exposed, it is rather the satisfaction. So to transfer an idealistic image on who applauses the politically correct slaughtering the politically incorrect might have been a Hollywood and American mirage, here we could say: a Halloween mask.

also notable in the recording:

 the woman is allowed to marvel at the gun, to laugh about the killing comic, but on the power over his little world (a lttle place called abortion!) and the TV desire is of course decided by the singing patriarch. Reality TV and fiction TV merge with consequences for reality - but this does not exist for him anymore.

the voice of the singer is purous, scratched by cheap mechanical devices in which it might mirror his perception. 

the subjectivity in the music and the dialog of the individual with that surface, that screen. The impossibility of the emotional compehension of the behind and the substitution with the walk and waiting for a TV film which seems to have been delayed because of the election cliffhanger. And the entire build up of the song as relaxed or maybe rather bored beginning sexual act which hints on a masturbation, at least you find all outside contacts incapable of penetrating to the singer: he only watches and does not interact (apart from with the musical instruments from inside his head). 

The only dialog he makes is with his TV (when askaed the Michael Myers question by a not detailed explained and superficially perceived screen figure) and this can count rather as an inner one as it has substituted real interaction and imported it.

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