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Nirvana Plugged Out (Cannibalism)  ('Sponsored By Blaupunkt')
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Nirvana Plugged Out

- plays with the name of the program 'MTV unplugged Nirvana' which the station (at least in Europe) showed (including all commercial messages) on the day of (or after) Kurt Cobains death.

'sponsored by Blaupunkt'

- a major message repeated throughout the program

deathnote comes with it

- see hey hey my my 


- title of the Nirvana album which meant several things in the same moment: a commercial breakthrough for the band,  the manifestation, expression, canalisation (channeling) of feelings of many, an (anyway inevitable) dispossession of an independent 'underground culture' and transformation to a product to help selling the products of a big media industry (including the help to sell products through commercials what this song makes a topic by quoting the companies who had sponsorship logos placed in the special program on MTV to the death of Kurt Cobain).

now he found himself nirvana where there's nothing left to shoot

- this quote plays with the name of the band, its various meanings and with the chorus line of the famous last single of Janis Joplin, composed by Kris Kristofferson, 'Me and Bobby McGee' which states 'Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose', and the gun as centerpoint of the American culture (Nirvana as just another word for nothing left to shoot?).

people on MTV with flowers in their hair 

- (see above, 'Nirvana Plugged Out')

for the sake of life, liberty, and fruit of the loom

- another major message repeated throughout the MTV program (for Fruit of the Loom clothings) and with parallel double meaning here

hey hey my my 

- including a later guitar riff quote, refers to hey hey my my (into the black) by Neil Young, which was refered to by Kurt Cobain in his deathnote.


- (after the Neil Young guitar quote) refers to a stadium like chant popular at big rock concert events in the 70's and 80's

the king is gone, long live the queen 

- this might refer to Courtney Love, it has another double surface: Courtney Love as successor for the Nirvana fans and as a good follow up to make money with for the business makers, especially connected to the exploitation of the Kurt Cobain 'religion' remains. It seems sarcastical and hopeful in the same moment.


 - a double meaning, may it be drug dealers who live well from the dependancy of others, may it put record companies and media insdustry on the same level when selling dreams and emotions especially when they are as deep as Nirvana's had been. Indeed this exposes the parallels, similarities and metaphorical connections.


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